Walking fast down the brick-paved street, at every corner she took note of the stagnant setting and the ever-changing facades of the people she passed. Walking by a corner store, a woman seemingly dressed to impress, with a full business suit and Bluetooth insert included, gave her a sharp look. A few steps forward and a small group of tourists emerged, one middle aged woman turned quickly to allow her to see the egregious black roots spreading downward into a peroxide blonde. With a quick glance across the street, she noticed another cluster of women with whale-clad pink shorts, severe tan lines exposed by their string halter tops. She walked further and peered into a store window to her right. A bust made of pure white plaster coyly eyed down the street sporting a large turquoise necklace around the elongated neck. The hair-do and the expression on it’s face created such a sharp contrast to the live people she had been seeing her whole life-since anyone had been seeing as long as she’s been alive. A sign came up fast upon her line of vision and instead of reading the words, she again looked past to the end of the block, up high into the vast landscape that held her and her unsustainable life source. The brightness took her by surprise, as if she just took a larger step North, then she would be able to completely disintegrate her past and all of the faces she had come to know, that had come to move her in any sort of way. When she looked back down, all she could imagine was a vast landscape full of dirt, years of over consumption of each life source, vital and departed alike. Claustrophobia struck her down and her stomach began to rile with pain, but she kept ahead, not realizing all of the intense observations she had made within the past 13 seconds of walking down that dull-lit Charles Street were the cobblestones of time that was, to come.


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