Convoluted Soul

This is a little bit I wrote almost two years ago, just an experience, nothing too special

‘After every talk and text, every back and forth stubborn argument, every politically correct discussion, things end in the same method of communication: passion or no passion.
Early in December, on a fairly warm night for that time in Massachusetts, one girl and one short, confused teenager other than herself ventured out into the arms of Cambridge to see the likes of a band she enjoyed from a local suburb of Wayland.
“Thanks so much for taking me” she says as they drive along in his 1998 Volkswagen hatchback.
“No problem. They sound pretty good. But you’re also welcome for my splendid company.”
He had some issues-all centered on his cynical sarcasm that held him back from any suitable girl; they would all just eventually walk off, slowly, since his tendencies were very lethargic.
They finally parked after countless runs around the area of the club. Stepping out of the passengers seat, the girl, Joni, found herself content with her cheetah TUK flatforms and shorts with tights pairing with a simple black sweater to top it all off. She loved this band-she claimed to have never heard a better ‘local’ band in her years of living.
“They better be good” he joked, the man escorting Joni to this evening event. They stood outside and smoked the camels he had brought out, and Joni voiced her dislike.
“I don’t understand why camels all of a sudden are the hipster’s top choice-“
“Hey, you smoke spirits-probably the most hipster cigarette on the market today ma’am, don’t mess with me about my choice of tobacco.”
She loved to make fun of him or, any sight chance she could, prove him wrong. He was not her type, if that’s what you want to call it. He was from a town out of Boston and took some classes at a music college. But, hey, they can’t all be winners.
Upper East Side was a great, small jazz club, which made everyone freak out when they entered regardless of the band. Joni was excited to go in, and she recalled the first time she had seen the band.’


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