Across the sky
  I search the stars
So uncontrollable they measure
  How much I dream
   To stay with you;
    To play with you;
     To stray with you-
To another place,
     A new time,
an old time,
    To live in
        our time.
You say
‘You are my one,
  not only,
but for as long as I stay.’
We go about our business – I try at most
  I the rings,
   You the planet that I encircle,
    Revolve around your sphere
     While going absolutely nowhere.
But I understand
   To be a star
    As large as you desire,
     You must be close to them;

Stay with them;
          Play with them;
          Stray with them.
I left alone,
A detached ring
   I live off of my mistakes
    A disgrace.
‘Come back,’ I’ll moan,
But once the space
  Is finally put to sleep
I’ll forget.
You’ll be in another galaxy
          Far up
          Far beyond-
But will you have let me go
Will you come back,
  Like we said
Or leave me to find my own way, I muse,
        Oh how I wish you would…

And you have.


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